Workplace Health: Posture and Spine Care Tips

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Workplace Health: Posture and Spine Care Tips

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spine-servicesSpine health is a major concern for the modern workforce. The office lifestyle, with its long hours spent at a desk, can be taxing on the spine, causing discomfort, pain, and even more serious conditions over the long term. Thankfully, today’s office workers can take some simple steps to reduce the impact of a sedentary job and ensure their spine stays in good health.

First and foremost, simple awareness can go a long way. Check your posture and stance throughout the day to gauge whether your shoulders are at equal heights. With a full length mirror, you can further adjust your posture to ensure your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and ears are all aligned in the same straight vertical. You can make sure you’re sitting ergonomically by placing both feet flat on the floor and supporting your spine with the cushion of your seat. Place any necessary office items within easy reach to keep from straining your shoulders, neck, and back, and place your monitor where you can see it without straining your neck, back,  or eyes.

Even a little standing makes a meaningful change, so look for opportunities to have a standing meeting, take a phone call up on your feet, or enjoy a short walk as a break from work. These methods can help preserve good spine health, but some persistent issues will require professional attention. For these concerns, Spine Care New Jersey is available to help: call or write today with any questions.

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