Title: Simple Tips For Reducing Back Pain While Traveling

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Title: Simple Tips For Reducing Back Pain While Traveling

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The holidays are a time for making memories with family and friends. Accomplishing this often involves an intense amount of travel. Airlines and railroads report more than double the travel takes place during the months of November and December than during any of the other months of the year. Is your back prepared?

Dr. Grigory Goldberg, a spine care specialist in New Jersey, urges everyone to spend a few minutes educating themselves on how to reduce or eliminate back pain while traveling. For some, pain might be inevitable. Countless hours in a car or plane, nights of sleeping on a couch, a house full of crazy relatives to run around with — this all can be downright painful for your joints and bones. Check out this quick list of ways to minimize this pain before embarking on your travels this year.

Simple Tips For Reducing Back Pain While Traveling:

  1. Involve Your Spine Care Specialist: Airlines are not known for being the most accommodating of institutions. If you have a pre-existing condition that requires special accommodations while traveling, talk to your spine care health provider today. Often, our team can draft a letter that you can present to the airline before takeoff. This will significantly increase the chances of special instructions being carried out on your behalf.
  2. Schedule With Your Spine In Mind: When booking a flight or train trip, choose a time and day of the week when their plane, bus, or train is known for being less crowded. By opting for a less coveted departure and arrival time, you are increasing the likelihood of your having more personal space during the trip to stretch and spread out.
  3. Support Your Back: Lastly, ask your flight attendants for a couple of extra pillows. Most airlines are more than happy to provide these, and you can use these pillows to give your back additional support during the flight. Place directly behind your tailbone for optimal support.

Incorporate these tips for a less painful traveling experience. Still concerned your back can’t handle the travel? Consult one of our Spine care NJ specialists today to discuss your concerns, devise a plan, and get you connected with family in a pain-free manner.

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