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Pinched nerves don’t have to be such a “pain in your neck”

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Prevention and treatment can make all the difference

By Grigory Goldberg, MD, FAAOS

Anyone who’s experienced a pinched nerve knows just how “unnerving” it can truly be. The odds are that most of you have dealt with an episode or two, and will more than likely will do so again in the future. After all, you might be surprised to know that a pinched nerve is one of the world’s more common medical maladies.

Sure, they can be short-lived in duration and minor in discomfort. But, they can also be quite lengthy, painful and debilitating, limiting your range of motion and impeding even the simplest of daily activities. It can be excruciating just lifting your head off the morning pillow, looking over your shoulder when backing out of a parking space or even pulling your shirt over your head.

 I would contend, however, that pinched nerves do not have to be such a “pain in the neck.” In fact, there are preventative steps you can take to limit your exposure, and treatment modalities you can follow upon occurrence that can make all the difference in the world.

Pay attention to the warning signs, though they’re hard to miss.

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The Big Thaw : Getting Your Spine Ready For Spring

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The Big Thaw: Getting Your Spine Ready For Spring


Finally, spring is right around the corner! After months of cold and indoor activities, most of us can’t wait to spend our days and evenings soaking up the mild spring air outdoors. Whether this means days spent gardening or brisk walks at night, spine care specialist, Dr. Grigory Goldberg, urges everyone to mind their spine and prepare their bodies for the increase in activities before spring officially blooms. Dr. Goldberg offers helpful tips for what we refer to as “The Big Thaw.” Read on to learn what you should be doing to prepare your back for the change of seasons.

Tips For Preparing Your Spine For Spring:


  • Opt For Foot Support Over Foot Fashion: Strappy sandals look great but offer minimal support for your feet. Spine health starts with supportive footwear. The less support your feet have, the harder your spine has to work. Sandals have negative effects on the shins and calves, and these effects can travel upwards and cause spine instability. Whether you’re spending the day planting flowers or are strolling the boardwalk with friends, opt for sandal options that offer adequate, full-body support.
  • Warm Up: Take a hint from the weather and warm up your body before any activity. The fastest way to damage your spine is to engage in strenuous physical activity without properly preparing your ligaments and muscles. Most of us decrease our physical activity level in the colder months. Start taking a little time each day to warm your muscles up in preparation for the increase in movement as the weather warms.


  1. Don’t Neglect The Core: Working your ab muscles is about more than just looking good on the beach. It is critical for gaining the strength needed to support your lower back. A solid core allows your spine to easily support the weight of your body. A weak core means your lower back has to overwork itself to support your body during your activities. As you’re preparing for the warm weather, spend a few minutes each day strengthening your abs.

Get ready for spring by strengthening your whole body. It takes no more than a few minutes each day and can mean the difference between a season of fun in the sun and a season spent recovering from a spinal injury. If part of your preparation for spring means finally calling to request an appointment with a Spine Care NJ specialist, call us today.

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An Introduction to Non-Operative Spine Care Treatments

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Non-Operative Spine Care TreatmentsMost people will experience back pain at one point in their lives. For many, this condition will be temporary and mild, presenting minor inconvenience or discomfort. For others, back pain can be a more serious concern. In either case, prompt attention from a spine care professional can be the key to a rapid recovery. Though a wide range of causes can result in back pain, a focused set of comprehensive treatments can address almost all the problems a patient’s spine may have. While some such treatments involve spine surgery procedures, many are non-operative and can be performed within a single visit. The spine pain specialists at Spine Care New Jersey are trained to explore all possible options for spine treatment, choosing the technique that best suits a patient’s needs.

Available non-operative treatments from Spine Care New Jersey include massage, acupuncture, bracing, and physical therapy, as well as epidural and transforaminal steroid injections. All of these treatments can alleviate back pain and restore optimal spine health without the need for surgery. When an operative treatment is the most appropriate method available, Spine Care New Jersey’s experts, led by spine health expert Dr. Grigory Goldberg, will provide a quick diagnosis, immediate pain management, and a safe, effective procedure. Contact Dr. Goldberg today to find out more about available non-operative and surgical treatments in spinal health.

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Workplace Health: Posture and Spine Care Tips

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spine-servicesSpine health is a major concern for the modern workforce. The office lifestyle, with its long hours spent at a desk, can be taxing on the spine, causing discomfort, pain, and even more serious conditions over the long term. Thankfully, today’s office workers can take some simple steps to reduce the impact of a sedentary job and ensure their spine stays in good health.

First and foremost, simple awareness can go a long way. Check your posture and stance throughout the day to gauge whether your shoulders are at equal heights. With a full length mirror, you can further adjust your posture to ensure your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and ears are all aligned in the same straight vertical. You can make sure you’re sitting ergonomically by placing both feet flat on the floor and supporting your spine with the cushion of your seat. Place any necessary office items within easy reach to keep from straining your shoulders, neck, and back, and place your monitor where you can see it without straining your neck, back,  or eyes.

Even a little standing makes a meaningful change, so look for opportunities to have a standing meeting, take a phone call up on your feet, or enjoy a short walk as a break from work. These methods can help preserve good spine health, but some persistent issues will require professional attention. For these concerns, Spine Care New Jersey is available to help: call or write today with any questions.

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Three Types of Spine Conditions

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spine conditionsAlmost everyone will experience back pain at some point in their lives. The spine is an essential part of the body, responsible for optimal function across the full range of everyday motion and activity. Spine conditions are common among all patients and especially significant for athletes, who rely on good spine health to stay competitive. Yet many causes can contribute to spine conditions, including aging, a sedentary lifestyle, serious physical activity like heavy lifting, or degenerative diseases like osteoporosis. Since back pain is so common, many patients do not seek out a medical professional at the onset of back pain symptoms. If these symptoms persist beyond a few weeks, however, or if the pain is especially severe, visiting a spine care expert is critical in preventing further problems and restoring mobility.

At Spine Care New Jersey, Dr. Grigory Goldberg treats all spine conditions, addressing any back pain concerns with the latest techniques and most accurate knowledge. Spine issues generally fit into one of three major categories: correctly identifying the condition in a given case can help spine doctors provide the most suitable treatment from the outset. Sudden, or acute injuries, such as torn or ruptured discs, compressed nerves, fractures, and dislocations, require prompt attention for optimal healing. Chronic diseases like spine stenosis or degenerative disc disease need regular monitoring to prevent any further issues. Overuse injuries, common to workers who lift weights or use their bodies in uncomfortable positions, are unique in their complications and need a practiced expert for extended care. Spine Care New Jersey features more information on these conditions and on Dr. Goldberg, who is a specialist prepared to handle any of these and many more spine care injuries for his community of patients.

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Welcome to Spine Care New Jersey

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spine-conditionWelcome to Spine Care New Jersey, the online portal for Dr. Grigory Goldberg, M.D., FAAOS. Among the foremost orthopedic specialists in the area, Dr. Goldberg serves as an authority in his field and provides his patients with care at the absolute highest standard. Dr. Goldberg specializes in restoring mobility and function through minimally invasive surgical procedures as well as non-surgical treatments, both informed by the latest research in the field of spinal health. At Spine Care New Jersey, Dr. Goldberg allows current and prospective patients a convenient means to contact the practice with any questions, as well as an ideal destination for newcomers to learn more about available treatment options.

The Spine Care New Jersey blog will feature regular updates from the practice as well as curated spine health knowledge from throughout the medical field. Those interested can keep up with Spine Care New Jersey blog posts and find the practice on social media to learn more. Dr. Goldberg is eager to connect with satisfied patients past and present as well as meet new people and make a difference in even more cases as 2015 proceeds. Spine Care New Jersey is a brand new way for locals in Freehold and throughout the region to learn key information, schedule appointments, and improve their lives every day.

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