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Pinched nerves don’t have to be such a “pain in your neck”

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Prevention and treatment can make all the difference

By Grigory Goldberg, MD, FAAOS

Anyone who’s experienced a pinched nerve knows just how “unnerving” it can truly be. The odds are that most of you have dealt with an episode or two, and will more than likely will do so again in the future. After all, you might be surprised to know that a pinched nerve is one of the world’s more common medical maladies.

Sure, they can be short-lived in duration and minor in discomfort. But, they can also be quite lengthy, painful and debilitating, limiting your range of motion and impeding even the simplest of daily activities. It can be excruciating just lifting your head off the morning pillow, looking over your shoulder when backing out of a parking space or even pulling your shirt over your head.

 I would contend, however, that pinched nerves do not have to be such a “pain in the neck.” In fact, there are preventative steps you can take to limit your exposure, and treatment modalities you can follow upon occurrence that can make all the difference in the world.

Pay attention to the warning signs, though they’re hard to miss.

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Welcome to Spine Care New Jersey

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spine-conditionWelcome to Spine Care New Jersey, the online portal for Dr. Grigory Goldberg, M.D., FAAOS. Among the foremost orthopedic specialists in the area, Dr. Goldberg serves as an authority in his field and provides his patients with care at the absolute highest standard. Dr. Goldberg specializes in restoring mobility and function through minimally invasive surgical procedures as well as non-surgical treatments, both informed by the latest research in the field of spinal health. At Spine Care New Jersey, Dr. Goldberg allows current and prospective patients a convenient means to contact the practice with any questions, as well as an ideal destination for newcomers to learn more about available treatment options.

The Spine Care New Jersey blog will feature regular updates from the practice as well as curated spine health knowledge from throughout the medical field. Those interested can keep up with Spine Care New Jersey blog posts and find the practice on social media to learn more. Dr. Goldberg is eager to connect with satisfied patients past and present as well as meet new people and make a difference in even more cases as 2015 proceeds. Spine Care New Jersey is a brand new way for locals in Freehold and throughout the region to learn key information, schedule appointments, and improve their lives every day.

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