Spine-Saving Back To School Bags

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Spine-Saving Back To School Bags

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Whether you’re heading back to school or to the office, chances are you’ve got some extra baggage on your back weighing you down. Laptops, planners, smart-phones, bottled water, cosmetics–it adds up fast and takes a real toll on your back. We’re not just talking one time aches and pains–all that stress, every day, can contribute to more significant injuries or conditions down the line. Here, our tips for minimizing your risk.

Think Small

Go with the smallest bag or purse possible to avoid the “goldfish effect” of gathering more stuff to fill extra space. If you like to have lots of “just in case” supplies, take a new approach. Instead of keeping those supplies in your back, get backups that stay in your office or locker. One big culprit to look out for? Keychains, which, when loaded up with assorted baubles, old cards, tchochkes, etc., can weigh several pounds. Make sure any old keys are off, along with anything else that can possibly go.

Backpacks: No Longer Just for Kids

Backpacks are the best bet for your back. Worn correctly, they disperse weight over a wider and more symmetrical area than messengers or other styles. For more conservative looks, try browsing the reviews here. Something like these simple, clean looking Knomo styles work for men and women in more formal business environments.

Wide Load

If you just can’t go with a backpack, then at least make sure to find something with wide straps that will distribute weight as evenly as possible.

Switch It Up/Break It Up

Another must if you go for a messenger bag or other asymmetrical style: switch shoulders regularly on your commute, and/or break things up into two small bags when possible.

Still struggling, or worried years of lugging too much around have caught up? Contact our office to request an appointment with our spine care experts.

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