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Spine Doctors in Freehold, NJ, Can Help You Resume Your Active Lifestyle

Spine Doctors Freehold NJThe spine doctors at Spine Care New Jersey in Freehold, NJ, understand that back pain can sometimes take over your life. It can become a source of constant discomfort and diminished function, interfering with your job, home life, personal relationships, workouts, and other activities you enjoy. It can also make some of the simplest tasks — not to mention sleep — difficult or impossible. It can sometimes even lead to depression.

Whether you’ve had a spine condition for some time or just recently started experiencing back pain, you can turn with confidence to the spine doctors at Spine Care New Jersey in Freehold. The spine doctors in our back pain center will work closely with you to provide individualized spine care that relieves your discomfort and helps you resume control of your life. We can treat back pain that is brought on by a number of underlying conditions, including degenerative disc disease (spinal osteoarthritis), facet joint syndrome, degenerative scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and spinal stenosis, as well as fractures resulting from trauma.

At Spine Care New Jersey, our spine doctors share a common goal of providing our patients with effective alternatives to spine surgery whenever possible. After pinpointing the precise source of the pain, we may recommend one or more of the following treatment options:

  • Physical therapy
  • Exercise
  • Bracing
  • Medications
  • Injections

In many cases, back pain responds well to nonsurgical treatment and resolves within a few weeks or months. When it is necessary to relieve discomfort that persists or worsens despite conservative treatment, our spine doctors can also perform advanced, minimally invasive spine procedures. For the right candidates, this approach offers several advantages, such as a faster recovery without the risks that are typically associated with traditional spine surgery.

If you’d like to consult with the spine doctors at Spine Care New Jersey, contact us to request an appointment at our office in Freehold, NJ. We provide diagnostic and treatment services for all types of back pain, and our providers are among the most trusted and experienced in the area.

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