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Comprehensive Spine Care From Orthopedic Specialists in Freehold, NJ

Spine Care Freehold NJ

At Spine Care New Jersey in Freehold, NJ, we provide conservative and surgical treatment options for a wide range of spinal conditions. To ensure the most appropriate and effective approach for each patient, our spine and pain management specialists work closely together onsite, consulting with our board-certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeons when surgery is warranted.

The spine is a highly complex and intricate structure consisting of numerous bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerve roots, and, of course, the spinal cord. Therefore, when neck or back pain strikes, it’s important to seek the advice of experienced specialists, such as the highly skilled orthopedic and neurologic experts who practice at Spine Care New Jersey in Freehold.

At Spine Care New Jersey, we develop customized treatment plans using the most conservative methods possible. For instance, prior to recommending surgery, we may suggest one or more nonsurgical types of spine care, such as:

  • Activity modification
  • Specialized physical therapy
  • Low-impact exercise
  • Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications
  • Fluoroscopy-guided injections

Conservative treatments like these are often very effective, allowing many patients to avoid the need for surgery and the risks, costs, and downtime that typically go along with it. However, if neck or back pain continues to worsen after several weeks of nonsurgical treatment, we may advise a patient to consider a surgical procedure. In certain cases, the skilled spine surgeons at Spine Care New Jersey can use advanced, minimally invasive techniques, which generally allow for faster recoveries without many of the risks associated with traditional open spine surgery.

If you live or work in the Freehold, NJ, area, and neck or back pain is affecting your quality of life, contact Spine Care New Jersey to schedule an appointment with a spine specialist. We can pinpoint the problem, explain all of your treatment options in detail, and recommend the most appropriate approach for you.

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