Scoliosis Treatment Monroe Township

Degenerative Scoliosis Treatment Near Monroe Township, NJ – You May Have More Options Than You Think

Scoliosis Treatment Monroe Township NJAt Spine Care New Jersey near Monroe Township, NJ, we offer the latest treatment options for scoliosis and back pain. The former is a condition that causes the spinal column to curve toward the left or right, taking on an exaggerated “C” or “S” shape. When this condition develops in adults, it is often a result of age-related degeneration, weakened muscles, or bone density loss.

Adult-onset scoliosis can cause a number of symptoms, including low back pain, electric-shock sensations that radiate down an arm or leg, and sharp leg pain that worsens with movement and resolves with rest. Usually, the discomfort is not directly caused by the misshapen spinal column itself, but rather the resulting joint inflammation or nerve compression.

How is adult-onset scoliosis treated?

Instead of addressing the excessive spinal curvature, adult scoliosis treatment focuses on alleviating its symptoms – essentially, the same approach that would be taken for treating back pain in an individual who has a straight spine. The spine specialists at Spine Care New Jersey near Monroe Township take a conservative approach to scoliosis treatment whenever possible. Many of our patients are able to find the symptom relief they need without surgery. Some nonsurgical options include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Pain management medications
  • Smoking cessation (very important if applicable)

In some cases, degenerative scoliosis causes the spinal canal to become narrower (a condition known as spinal stenosis). As a result, the spinal cord or a nerve root can become painfully pinched. If conservative treatment does not provide meaningful relief, a surgeon can perform a procedure to directly address the source of the narrowing, such as a bone spur or inflamed facet joint, and create more space for compressed nerves within the spinal canal.

If you’d like to learn more about scoliosis treatment, contact Spine Care New Jersey to schedule a consultation with a spine specialist at our office near Monroe Township, NJ.

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