Neck Pain Management

Neck Pain Management for Residents of Freehold, NJ

Neck Pain Management Freehold NJMany patients who request help with neck pain management from the spine experts at Spine Care New Jersey in Freehold, NJ, experience good results with conservative care, such as over-the-counter medications, hot and cold therapy, and light muscle-conditioning exercises. That’s because many types of neck pain are caused by minor trauma, such as a bout of heavy lifting, that leads to a muscle strain or sprain, and these injuries often heal quickly.

However, it’s important to remember that the neck must support the substantial weight of the head through a wide range of motion. As a result, this area of the body is subject to significant wear and tear, and therefore is particularly susceptible injury. In addition to severe trauma, the effects of repetitive stress over time can lead to neck pain that requires more in-depth treatment.

At Spine Care New Jersey, we encourage individuals to seek

help with neck pain management at our state-of-the-art spine center in Freehold if their discomfort is:

  • Severe
  • Chronic
  • Accompanied by headaches, numbness, tingling, or muscle weakness
  • Seemingly related to a fall, sudden blow, vehicle collision, or other type of traumatic accident

Spine Care New Jersey offers a comprehensive range of nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for neck pain. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeons focus exclusively on treating conditions affecting the neck and back. Our physicians also work closely with our in-house pain management specialist, who is double board-certified in interventional pain management and rehabilitation, to develop the optimal treatment plan for each patient. This may include a customized physical therapy regimen, a soft cervical collar, or steroid-based injections. For very severe or persistent symptoms, we may recommend surgery to address spinal cord or spinal nerve root compression.

Spine Care New Jersey was established to provide individuals and referring physicians in the Freehold, NJ, area with easy access to a center of excellence for the management of neck and back pain and other spinal issues. We understand that it can sometimes take weeks to secure an appointment with a spine specialist at other facilities, and many people have no choice but to wait in pain before being properly diagnosed and treated. At Spine Care New Jersey, individuals who are experiencing neck or back problems can receive convenient and timely care that is guided by an experienced spine specialist.

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