Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Performed by Board-Certified Surgeons in Freehold, NJ

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Freehold NJIf you’ve decided to move forward with neck or back surgery, endoscopic spine surgery may be a good option for you. As compared to traditional open spine surgery, this approach involves a lower risk of complications, less muscle disruption, and minimal down time. If an endoscopic procedure is appropriate for you, the surgeons at Spine Care New Jersey in Freehold, NJ, can use a state-of-the-art tubular system, endoscopic visualization, and microincisions to address the underlying cause of your neck or back pain and get you on the road to recovery quickly and safely.

The board-certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeons at Spine Care New Jersey in Freehold are skilled and experienced in performing several types of endoscopic spine surgery. Some frequently performed procedures include:

  • Endoscopic discectomy – the removal of herniated disc material that is irritating or compressing a spinal nerve
  • Endoscopic foraminotomy – the enlargement or clearing out of a blocked foramen that has trapped a spinal nerve root
  • Endoscopic laminotomy – the removal of a portion of the bony arch of a vertebra (lamina) to create more space for crowded spinal nerves and allow for the removal of problematic bone spurs (osteophytes)
  • Endoscopic spinal fusion – the removal of a damaged disc and placement of an implant to stabilize and support the spinal column

To determine the right treatment approach for you, our spine specialists will consider a number of individual factors, including the severity of your symptoms and their effect on your daily life. If you ultimately decide on an alternative to endoscopic spine surgery, you may choose to work with our pain management specialist, who is double-board-certified in preventional pain management and works closely with our physicians and physical therapists at our office in Freehold, NJ.

If you’d like to discuss endoscopic spine surgery with a surgeon at Spine Care New Jersey, contact us to schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art spine center in Freehold, NJ.

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