Degenerative Disc Disease Monroe Township

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Options Near Monroe Township, NJ

Degenerative Disc Disease Monroe Township NJDegenerative disc disease is a chronic spinal condition that does not affect everyone in the same way. While one individual might occasionally experience only mild discomfort while going about his or her daily routine, another may need prescription pain medications – or ultimately, surgery – to overcome debilitating pain. The spine specialists at Spine Care New Jersey near Monroe Township, NJ, can work closely with you to develop an effective treatment plan based on the nature, severity, and location of your pain, as well as the results of your diagnostic testing.

How can degenerative disc disease be treated?

In most cases, degenerative disc disease can be effectively managed with conservative treatments. Before advising you to consider surgery, the physicians at Spine Care New Jersey in Monroe Township, may recommend:

  • Weight loss – Even just a few extra pounds (particularly if carried at the front of your body) can force your spinal vertebrae, discs, and joints out of alignment. If you have degenerative disc disease and are overweight, the added force on your spine can lead to nerve compression and additional pain. Losing weight isn’t always easy, but we can help.
  • Physical therapy – An experienced rehabilitation specialist at Spine Care New Jersey can recommend a workout program designed to strengthen your core – the muscles in your back, abdomen, upper thighs, and buttocks. If these muscles are weak, your spine will be forced to take on more weight, which can create instability or worsen an existing spinal condition, such as a herniated disc. Physical therapy can improve your posture, reduce nerve pressure caused by a damaged disc, and relieve pain.
  • Over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – When your body is injured, your immune system responds by producing specialized cells to repair the damaged tissues, and inflammation occurs as part of this response. NSAIDs can help relieve pain and swelling in your spine.
  • Prescription pain relievers – If your discomfort does not immediately respond to NSAIDs, your physician may recommend a brief course of prescription pain relievers, which may help you feel better until the NSAIDs take effect.

In general, if conservative treatment does not provide you with sufficient relief within two to three months, surgery may be an appropriate next step. If you’d like to learn more about the degenerative disc disease treatment options available at Spine Care New Jersey, contact us to schedule a consultation at our office near Monroe Township, NJ.

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