Back Pain Treatment Monroe Township

Back Pain Treatment for Residents of Monroe Township, NJ

Back Pain Treatment Monroe Township NJFor prompt and effective back pain treatment, visit Spine Care New Jersey in Monroe Township, where spine surgery is always a last resort. Our goal is to help our patients cope with back pain by accurately diagnosing the issue and developing an individualized treatment plan to address it using the most conservative approach possible. In addition to relieving your discomfort, we can also help you avoid unnecessary surgery.

The experienced team at Spine Care New Jersey includes board-certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeons and a pain management specialist who is double board-certified in interventional pain management and rehabilitation. We treat a variety of spine conditions and injuries that range from relatively simple to highly complex. At our state-of-the-art spine center in Monroe Township, NJ, we offer a full spectrum of both nonsurgical and surgical back pain treatment options, including:

  • Stretching and exercise programs
  • Medications for pain and inflammation
  • Bracing
  • Custom orthotics
  • Fluoroscopic-guided spinal injections
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures, including discectomy, laminotomy, and foraminotomy

As part of our multidisciplinary orthopedic practice, we also offer onsite imaging services, physical therapy, therapeutic massage, and acupuncture. In addition to personalized back pain treatment, we emphasize prevention through education, taking into account the specific body mechanics that are pertinent to each patient’s activities and lifestyle.

Most back pain episodes resolve within a few weeks without treatment. If you’re very uncomfortable, you might try resting for a day or two, but any longer than that can potentially do more harm than good. Contact Spine Care New Jersey to schedule a consultation with a spine specialist at our office in Monroe Township, NJ. By offering outstanding clinical care at every step of the way – from your initial appointment to your follow-up care – our team can help you recover safely, quickly, and comfortably.

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