Back Bracing

Back Bracing Can Provide Helpful Spinal Support for Patients in Freehold, NJ

Back Bracing Freehold NJBack bracing can be an effective way to support the spine and address mild-to-moderate back pain. When prescribed by a physician, wearing a back brace can increase comfort, promote recovery, and prevent injuries. At Spine Care New Jersey, we design, create, and fit customized back braces and other orthotic devices for patients in the Freehold, NJ, area. In many cases, we recommend back bracing as part of a comprehensive treatment program that incorporates exercise and other therapies.

At Spine Care New Jersey in Freehold, we offer two main types of back braces: hard, rigid models and soft, elastic versions. A rigid or semi-rigid design, which can restrict movement by up to 50 percent, is often used to address serious spine conditions in children, such as kyphosis and scoliosis (excessive curvature of the spine). For adults, back bracing more commonly involves the use of a soft, adjustable brace with elastic backing designed to compress the abdominal region. This compression can help to stabilize and support the muscles surrounding the spinal column.

As a noninvasive alternative to spine surgery, back bracing offers a number of advantages – and, unlike medication use, this treatment option has no unpleasant side effects. A back brace can:

  • Promote the healing of damaged tissue by immobilizing an injured area of the spine
  • Stabilize the spine to compensate for weakness in an injured area
  • Reduce back pain by restricting movement and maintaining proper spinal alignment
  • Improve posture and elongate the spine
  • Make transitional movements, such as standing up from a seated position, more comfortable
  • Reduce pressure on the spine and prevent injuries during heavy lifting and other stressful activities

If you think you could benefit from back bracing, contact Spine Care New Jersey to schedule an appointment at our spine center in Freehold, NJ. We can provide advice on the type and usage of a back brace that would be most helpful for you, and create a customized design based on your unique needs and goals.

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