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Four Tips For A Healthier Spine

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For those living with chronic back pain, visiting specialist after specialist to conquer their spine pain can seem like a daunting proposition. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take from the comfort of your own home to help alleviate spine pain and prevent future episodes of back pain. Rather than proposing radical shifts to your day to day lifestyle, these tips suggest small adjustments to your current habits. Try out these suggestions and see the power a few small changes can have on your overall health. As always, if your back pain persists or worsens, consult Dr. Grigory Goldberg and his team for an evaluation and diagnosis.

nj spine care

Four Tips For A Healthier Spine:


  • Invest In A Supportive Mattress and Pillow: Night is your spine’s chance to rest. After spending the day supporting your body in physical movement, your spine needs the opportunity to relax. Sadly, too many of us are sleeping on mattresses and pillows that actually require our backs to work to support our bodies while we sleep. When choosing a mattress, opt for personal preference. Consider your preferred sleep position and find a mattress and pillow with a support system that will complement these preferences.


  1. Shoe Shop With Your Spine In Mind: Your shoes have a direct impact on the overall health of your spine. Wearing shoes that lack the support needed to keep your spine and back aligned while you walk, workout, and participate in life’s daily activities will result in chronic and persistent back pain. For severe back pain, consider adding orthotics or inserts to your current shoes for additional support.
  2. Stand Regularly And Mind Your Posture: Spine pain rates have skyrocketed as more and more Americans are taking jobs that keep them sitting in front of a computer all day. Be sure to take regular breaks to stand, stretch your spine, and keep the joints moving and supported. When sitting, mind your posture. Keep your back straight and your head looking directly ahead of you. These simple adjustments keep the spine aligned and prevent chronic back pain.
  3. Indulge Yourself In A Massage: Massages are more than a feel good technique for stress relief. Studies have proven that messages have incredible therapeutic value for chronic pain sufferers. Massages release endorphins — your body’s natural painkiller. By getting regular massages, you are helping keep back pain at bay while reducing your need for pain medication.

Try these four simple tips for spine health and let us know what the results are. Comment on our blog, follow us on social media, and show us how you’re keeping your spine healthy. For recurring pain, call our spine specialists to learn more about minimally invasive spine surgery options. Click here to request an appointment with our team.

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