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Three Types of Spine Conditions

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spine conditionsAlmost everyone will experience back pain at some point in their lives. The spine is an essential part of the body, responsible for optimal function across the full range of everyday motion and activity. Spine conditions are common among all patients and especially significant for athletes, who rely on good spine health to stay competitive. Yet many causes can contribute to spine conditions, including aging, a sedentary lifestyle, serious physical activity like heavy lifting, or degenerative diseases like osteoporosis. Since back pain is so common, many patients do not seek out a medical professional at the onset of back pain symptoms. If these symptoms persist beyond a few weeks, however, or if the pain is especially severe, visiting a spine care expert is critical in preventing further problems and restoring mobility.

At Spine Care New Jersey, Dr. Grigory Goldberg treats all spine conditions, addressing any back pain concerns with the latest techniques and most accurate knowledge. Spine issues generally fit into one of three major categories: correctly identifying the condition in a given case can help spine doctors provide the most suitable treatment from the outset. Sudden, or acute injuries, such as torn or ruptured discs, compressed nerves, fractures, and dislocations, require prompt attention for optimal healing. Chronic diseases like spine stenosis or degenerative disc disease need regular monitoring to prevent any further issues. Overuse injuries, common to workers who lift weights or use their bodies in uncomfortable positions, are unique in their complications and need a practiced expert for extended care. Spine Care New Jersey features more information on these conditions and on Dr. Goldberg, who is a specialist prepared to handle any of these and many more spine care injuries for his community of patients.

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